Course on Computer Concepts Plus


Course on Computer Concepts Plus

Dur: 03 Months

Eligibility: X Pass


The course is a certificate level course, with an aim to equip the workforce entering into / working in government sector with the vital skill set, that is, necessary to cope up with the ever-changing scenario in IT sphere. The course is designed in such a manner, so that, it not only educate an individual with the basic skill set but also enhances the ability of individual to easily grasp the new changes in the dynamic IT field. The course is aimed at skill development in masses, students, employees in professional sectors at middle level. The course may also be considered as an ideal course for re-skilling of an individual and technological advancement. After going through the course, an individual is expected to be equipped with not only the office automation skills but also with the understanding of the latest technologies and e-Gov applications.

The module on financial literacy will enable the individuals to understand the various financial services and be aware of the various schemes of Government of India.

Duration: 126 Hours. (21 days @ 6 hours/day – Full Time or 42 Days @ 3 hours/day – Part Time)

Allocation of Total Hours for each Chapter:

S.NO. Chapter Theory Hours (Hrs) Practical Hours Total Hours
1 Introduction to Computer & Basic Concepts 2 2 4
2 Operating System 4 8 12
3 Word Processing 4 8 12
4 Spreadsheets 4 8 12
5 Presentations 4 8 12
6 Database Management Systems 4 8 12
7 Cyber Security 5 5 10
8 PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting 4 8 12
9 Networking and Troubleshooting 4 8 12
10 Latest trends in IECT & e-Governance 6 6 12
11 Application of Digital Financial Services 1 1 2
12 Soft Skills 7 7 14
Total Hours 49 77 126

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